How do I invite guests to RSVP?

After you create an event, go to the main Events page and click the View RSVPs link corresponding to the event you'd like to invite guests to RSVP to. This is the page that shows you all the relevant RSVP information, including the guestlist. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find the Email Invite tool.

Separate guests emails with a comma to send out a mass email. You can customize the message and contents of the email in the respective field. Please note that the actual email is formatted and contains graphics and a layout. We just give you the text for easy editing :)

Can I still invite guests to view the event if I have RSVPs turned off?

Yep! At the bottom of the event you can toggle on/off whether or not you'd like to give guess the option to RSVP. After turning this off, you can use the Email Invite tool as you normally would.

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