What are some good uses for the blog?

The blog is arguably the most versatile section of the site, meant to give you lots of flexibility. Since the blog has the most dynamic content, it serves as a great way to keep your guests up-to-date on the latest happenings of your wedding.

Preliminary Wedding planning

Guests love reading about behind the scenes action. While wedding planning can certainly be stressful, broadcasting the details allows your guests an intimate look into your choices and curating of the big event. Show off the dress, talk about the food and cake tasting, give people some details from the event scouting report, and more!

Up to date happenings and breaking news

This is a big one! Is there imminent weather for the day that guests should prepare for? Problem with the venue requiring a change? Changes to travel accommodations? Whatever it may be, the blog serves as a great communication tool for your guests.

The Honeymoon and your new life together

Keep guests in the loop after the wedding with pictures and tidbits of info while on your honeymoon. And when you get back, show those new registry gifts and how much use they're getting :)

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